Moralis not storing gas in transaction tables

I am seeing that there are a significant amount of transactions that have no gas info stored (mainly fields reciept_gas_used Or cummulative_gas_Used). Screenshot attached of my BSCTransactions table, although the same missed data is for PolygonTransactions and others.
Also when i follow the bscscan & polgonscan links for these same transactions the gas is indeed reporting on chain correctly, just not in the Moralis tables.
Screenshot attached.

Also a related question is why does the avaxTransactions table not have these fields at all, as in the gas fields themselves do not exist (ie reciept_gas_used) ?
screenshot attached of avaxTransactions table

I did look on one of my test servers, and it looks like I have that information for BSC, but I do have an entry on polygon without that data

it varies. I would say about 10-20% of all my transactions have no gas data recording on Moralis (on BSC, POLYGON, ETH). and of course 100% of Avalanche has No gas data as these fields do not exist in the table.

we are going to investigate, thanks for reporting

thanks for your help. any luck yet ?

I don’t have an update yet

Hi Cryptokid, any updates or eta ? Im writing tax software, but cant use Moralis unless this gas info is working.

I don’t really have an update now

Any update in these moralis platform issues ? Its been over a month now.

can you try nitro version: Moralis Nitro Beta Testing

is there anyway to clone my existing tables/functions into that beta ? Otherwise its a project to re-create it all.

you could connect directly to mongo db, dump database and load some tables in the new server

cloud code you could copy it directly

Hi @cryptokid. I finished setting up the new beta nitro server, although they do not appear to be working. The transaction history tables are not created at all. Is there any specific changes that need to be done on the new platform to get these transaction tables created and populated ?

What you mean by transaction history tables?

sure, attached. These tables are not auto generated on the new platform.

The tables usually are not autogenerated and they only appear when there is data in those tables

hmm, the same wallet produces these tables on the old servers.
It looks like some transaction tables are only partially populated(on new platform), on the old servers i have a complete history of my wallet. On the new nitro server i only have the last dozen or so transactions populated (from same wallet)
And whats also not showing are the Balance tables(ethBalance, PolygonBalance, ect) i definitely have wallet balances, so they should appear in Balance tables. As they do with same wallet on old servers.

about transactions, yes, only last 50 transactions are synced, so that the server doesn’t get overwhelmed if lots of users are logging in, you can get all the transactions using watch address functionality

some tables will be missing, like that balance table

thanks cryptokid. How do i get the balance tables back ? Those tables are called lots in my code.

And also can you confirm is the below code will enable syncing historical transactions on new servers ?
const results = await“watchBscAddress”, {address: “0x…”, sync_historical: true});

Its from the moralis docs, however I have just tried it and its returning invalid function errors.
{“code”:141,“error”:“Invalid function: “watchBscAddress””}

I don’t know how you can get the balance tables back.

It should work to watch an address by code now, but it should ask for master key.

and you should get this message error for that code: Error: Validation failed. Master key is required to complete this request.