Moralis not storing gas in transaction tables

Are you using beta?

In the new version there are no balance tables - don’t use them - read this Moralis Nitro Beta Testing

Watch this:

The syntax for syncing address programmatically is different now - let me get it

Hello Sam,

The code you sent does look correct, can you confirm that BSC is the selected chain.

Thank you

thanks CryptoKid, same error though.
{“code”:141,“error”:“Invalid function: “watchEthAddress””}

Hi Ivan,
Yes on the beta.
Got it, looks like ill have to re-write things if balances are now gone :frowning:

Thanks Ryan.
I did do a test connected to the right chain, however do i need to be connected to the chain ? Im writing a multichain app and need to pull data from the same wallet address across all chains, and cant be connected to all chains at same time.

You need to have all chains you want selected in EVM Configuration

This is how you sync address in the new version (currently beta):

await'coreservices_addAddressSync', {address: "0x704111eDBee29D79a92c4F21e70A5396AEDCc44a", chainId: "0x89", syncHistorical: true },

is this still a problem that you see now, with missing information about gas?

yes, Moralis is always missing gas.

on what chain you see that now?

Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, Avalanche. I just re-ran same code, the amount of transactions not storing gas is even worse then last year.

no urgency as our team has switched to another platform that captures transaction gas fees. Let me know if you can ever fix this and we can reconsider Moralis again in the future.