WS BSC Speedy Nodes disconnect randomly

Hi, I am using Speedy Nodes to subscribe to events with “pending” status, as I need to monitor a couple of methods from a contract. So I am reading all pending events, and checking the contract Id and method Id.

The problem is that after say 20 seconds, the node disconnects, and if I try to reconnect I get an error 429. Then I need to wait about 30 seconds until I am able to reconnect for another 20 seconds.

This issue only happens on the BSC Mainnet. On BSC Testnet it works perfectly.

Is there any way to avoid this issue?

429 error may be form reaching a limit.
Could you use sync events functionality from a Moralis server?

I’ve never used a Moralis server yet. Could I add any contract filter on the subscription to the speedy node? I don’t need to receive events for all other contracts.

Would something like this work?
Instead of:
provider.on({ address: CONTRACT_ADDRESS },

You can watch an event only for a specific contract at a time with a server, and you can add filters specific to the event.
We can read also here about filters: Moralis Nitro Beta Testing

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Just to clarify, Speedy Nodes are not going to support contract filters? We will need one of the new Nitro servers for that?

yes, only nitro servers can do that type of filtering on the events that are synced