We have moralis business plan retention time issues

We have Moralis business plan but the webhooks retention time is 2 minutes but it is supposed to be 1 week. Currently, we have 50+ failed webhooks on production/mainnet and it got expired so quickly

We are minting out NFTs live today and would appreciate an immediate support

We cannot reply the stream anymore

The webhook requests got failed twice? As in on the 1 minute retry they also failed? And after that they are gone?

Can you paste the stream id?

I don’t have the stream id, it is not more available in the failed webhooks section

Yes, it should have failed for 1 minute also but it doesn’t matter, we have many retry attempts in a exponential manner right ?

The stream id for the original stream config, or another stream id from your account

Stream ID: 53c6117e-91a4-476e-896f-b39a2d27591d

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I added a new stream to your account: b74f60b8-5c03-4609-bbda-08d9342ac7cc
I also forced some failed webhook requests, everything seems to work as expected, the failed webhook requests are still in history after more than 10 minutes

Okay, can you check your system for the failed webhooks history? I did have 62 failed webhooks which I cannot replay the webhook due to expiration

Do you know more info about those webhook requests? Are they from an existing stream config?

Failed hooks are from these streams

  1. 53c6117e-91a4-476e-896f-b39a2d27591d
  2. 72d33399-3536-421d-a821-f59896d859b2

Now I can see the failed webhooks but earlier it was disappeared. And also these webhooks are failed today, so I should able to replay for 1 week period but it is already expired

Screenshot for reference:

Replay button is disabled and the webhooks are disappeared completely. I can’t even see the failed webhooks section until your demo hooks are added to the failed webhooks list

from where you have these screen shots? you are seeing them now in history? Or you made them long time ago when they were still present in history and admin interface

I don’t see them in history now for your account

I can see some info about those failed webhook here:

I am seeing this from this page (https://admin.moralis.io/streams/failed)

62 webhooks are failed and appeared for 10 minutes and everything disappeared. Now after getting the demo hooks fail, the old failed hooks are displayed

Streams failed webhooks section seems buggy

Retention feature is important for us to manage the event listeners and please check the root cause of it.

what do you mean with getting the demo hooks fail?

if it helps, you can find here in history logs the block number for those failed webhook requests:

The one you have triggered from your side.

Now I can see that only these hooks with the tag name demo_4 are retained and other failed hooks are gone again.

This is really weird

Our main request here is to get those webhooks entries in the failed streams page with replay feature. Not just to check the logs

I don’t know yet what happened with those webhook entries that are gone.