RE: We have moralis business plan retention time issues

Reopening the issue: We have moralis business plan retention time issues

This issue is still there. Our failed webhooks are supposed to be displayed for 1 month in the error logs.

But I don’t see them in the dashboard but I can able to get those failed webhooks here

Please fix this issue.

I need a fix for

  1. 30 days issues should be displayed on the dashboard
  2. 7 days of issue replay/retry feasibility

On the business plan, the failed webhooks will only be available for 1 week. So it should be replayable if you try within a week

You don’t see any failed webhooks in the UI or only a few webhooks?

Dashboard says that, the failed webhooks are available for one month (view only) and can be retried within one week.

But, the replay button is just available for 2 minutes as per the previous discussions.

Support team created few manual failed hooks and those entries are capable of retrying for a week.

But the ones failed from my server are not. Please check the previous forum thread attached above

Ahh, I see. Let me check with the team for more details. :raised_hands:

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you also had this issue recently, as in today with new failed webhook requests?

Reference for the first pointer mentioned above:

  1. Total failure events:

  2. All the events available randomly

  3. After refresh, everything is gone.

This failed web hooks section is only displayed because of the last simulated failed hook. Otherwise, this section is not available at all

Will post some screenshots for second pointers soon

you can try to use the Streams API swagger directly to see what is in history and in
history logs, the admin interface uses that api that is present in the swagger

I will use the API for a while but dashobard will be user friendly to monitor

Replay issue reference:

I should be able to reply to the failed hooks as many times as I need until the retention period.

I just replayed once and it is not letting me to reply again anymore

I’ll have to check this one, with what happens when you replay a webhook request and that replay fails

I did some tests, it looks like in current implementation, when you replay a history event, if that replay gives an error then that event is lost, is no longer kept in history

it should be fixed now, it was an issue specific to manual replays

Thanks for the fix. I will retest and get back

Any updates about this issue?

Checking the API every time is not user-friendly and we cannot replay the failed hooks from there. This one was a long time pending request

the were two issues, one with the dashboard not showing logs when there are no items in history (you can not replay logs) and one with items in history being removed when they are replayed and te replay fails. The second issue is fixed now, the first issue should not matter too much for you now, you should be able to see in the dashboard now what it is in history and it will work to replay again