useWeb3ExecuteFunction not working [react native boilerplate]

I am using ethereum-react-native-boilerplate and I’m trying to execute a smart contract function using useWeb3ExecuteFunction hook. It pops up the wallet but the wallet doesn’t show anything. Please support me with this issue.

Hi @varunzxzx

Please give us more info, for example share screenshots, your code

Hi, This is the code snippet which I am using to invoke function

const { data, error, fetch, isFetching, isLoading } = useWeb3ExecuteFunction({
    abi: userContract.abi,
    contractAddress: userContract.address,
    functionName: "signup",
    params: {
      name: ethers.utils.formatBytes32String("Varun"),
      bio: "Some bio....",

you could ask this question in this specific thread for react native boilerplate: Ethereum React Native Boilerplate Questions

I am facing the same problem any solution?

I am also facing the exact same problem.
Does anyone have a solution for it?

did you guys try call enableWeb3? :eyes:

I am already authenticated through Metamask and WalletConnect. I am assume the Metamask would not pop up in case web3 is not enabled.
The sign transaction is not popping up in my metamask.

Do you face this after authentication?

Yes, exactly! I can also confirm that a simple smart contract call that does not need to be signed works fine after crypto authentication both with using useWeb3Contract, and Moralis.executeFunction, too.
The problem only happens with transactions.
Any guess?

There are some users who recently had their wallets opened up upon transaction, but they couldn’t get the transaction popup. Your case is similar too. Will have to debug on why this is happening

I get the following error:
Failed to open url: Error - The request to open failed is this a linking issue? How is it possible that it works fine on cryptoauth?
my walletConnect object is fine, returning my account address when calling through the useWalletConnect hook.
I even tried enableViaWalletConnect it says TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘connector.connect’) although my walletConnect connector is there