Update on several issues (Web3 API)

Looking for an update on several issues with the Web3 API:

GET ​/{address}​/nft​/transfers This endpoint no longer supports the order parameter. We use this in production. You have removed a valuable parameter without notifying anyone or documenting it – Others with similar concerns: Ordering doesnt work

GET ​/{address}​/nft​/{token_address} This endpoint returns inconsistent and often missing data. (Missing metadata on many tokens) – See similar concerns here: Null `metadata` property from `token` APIs

We get many gateway timeout (504) responses/day on several endpoints. I’ve been told this issue would be fixed but it’s been 2 months with no updates – See similar concerns here GET /{address}/nft not working

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that part with timeout, can you log for what endpoint and parameters you get those timeouts so that we can check?

what you mean by inconsistent data?

Re-read. “This endpoint returns inconsistent and often missing data”

Looking for an update to all these. Please let me know. Thanks

for 2, on what chain are you interested in particular?

for 1, a mini update is here: Order query parameter gone?

I still don’t know what you mean by inconsistent data, I know about cases when metadata is missing, but I’m not sure on the part with inconsistent (like some tokens have metadata and others don’t, or some tokens have wrong metadata, or something else)