Ordering doesnt work

there is ordering doesnt work on few API endpoints




these routes return different result for the same page each time

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I am having the same issue for the nft/{address} call

yep, I also found meanwhile that order was disabled for performance reasons, we are working on a fix

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Hi guys,
just saw this same problem on my app.

Do you realize that unordered results make the endpoints almost useless?

E.g. I am using this endpoint: ​/{address}​/nft​/transfers
My goal is to get all transfers for a given address. If the address has more than 500 transfers I need to make multiple calls to the endpoint using the offset parameter to get all the transactions. If the results are not ordered I get random transactions on all the calls.

This means if an address has 2000 transactions. I make 4 calls to get all of them. With unsorted results, I do not get all the transactions back with 4 calls, because of the random results on the calls.

Can you describe how to get all transactions from such an address without ordering? I can order them on my side until you fix this.


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Hi @sharpcrypto

Disabled ordering is temporary. We will return this feature shortly after we finish optimizing.

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Hi @Yomoo,

thats good, but some sort of warning would be good…next time…this literally fucked up our database…

and shortly means in the next few hours?


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We will soon make a page where the statuses of the Moralis services will be displayed.

after we finish optimizing

no ETA currently

We’ll tag you there

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edit: ordering is disabled on the NFT endpoints. Because of this, pagination may not work correctly currently

will it be fixes today/tomorrow? or its forever? @Yomoo

We are working on fixing it.
We don’t have an exact ETA now.

there is a fix now in production that gives consistent output for pagination, as in no duplicates, but order parameter is still ignored

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Awesome! thank you! could you please type when order will work?

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