Unauthorized error on speedy nodes

Upgraded my account to pro and then get unauthorized exception for many requests on speedy node. Same issue here [SOLVED] Help: Speedy node endpoints “Unauthorized” - Technical Issue Reporting - Moralis Forum.

Please can you help me? Thanks.

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Hello @fatih, can you please pass me your account email in DMs?


Thank you!

I’ve now given you a fresh API key and speedy node token, please try and let me know in return if it solved the issue.

Thanks for your help @kresimir. All requests are working now. :+1:

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Hi @kresimir i’ve been getting this error again for two days. Can you help me?

I could also reset your speedy node token if you send me your email and current token in DM

Hello I am also having this problem in production. Please help

you have a new speedy node token now

Thank you @cryptokid but the issue remains. Any idea what else could possibly causing this unahtorized error?

if you are doing getLogs with more than 2k blocks you could also get that error

We don’t but we do use getPastEvents – does that impact it?

maybe it is the same thing as getLogs, what is the interval for block numbers that you use?

10 seconds I believe

Is there anything we can do for now? There’s a lot of events in prod that we’re unable to process because of this

I don’t know what you mean by 10 seconds

do you use a block range when trying to get those events?

We call getPastEvents every 10 seconds from that block number to latest block number

can you check the block interval then, from that block number to latest block number?

It’s not more than 3-10 blocks at a time

But sometimes we do need to do a lot more than that. like 10k-20k blocks from the past. Is there a special node we can use in that case?