Unable to execute

Unable to Run dApp index.html after building simple dApp from 3 minute tutorial. used studio code editor and live server extension.

what it doesn’t work? did you start a live server and opened that html in a browser?

I am using microsoft edge browser service code editor with live server extension, all I am getting is there is no folder in workspace . Is there a way to send a screenshot to you

you can add a screen shot here on forum easily

I don’t see an attachment symbol , how do I add the screen shot

when you reply, you can see an upload button next to code button, above the text that you write in the reply

ok thats what i’ve got so far, so you know I am trying to create a dApp for an NFT Marketplace

you could look at some demo apps like this: https://github.com/MoralisWeb3/demo-apps/tree/main/moralis-vanilla-boilerplate

first you’ll have to get the right html syntax for that code, then you’ll have to open it in a browser with a local web server

It shows zero errors and it has my url and app id pasted in how are you determining html syntax is wrong I did it to the letter

that code doesn’t look like it has the right script tags

I followed the tutorial in the set up dApp in 3 minutes tutorial to the letter using the index.html . Well thanks anyway

that index.html from that scree shot doesn’t have the right html syntax, it may not run when you try to open it in a browser

Ok I will rewrite it and see if I can get it to run

Tell me this is the script thats n the build a Simple dApp in 3 minutes tutorial correct to write from?

I don’t know on what script you are referring too

It’s the opening Tutorial from Moralis entitled “Build Your First Simple dApp in 3 Minutes” I received in the initial email after joining the Community. I wish you knew about it but it is what it is. I will keep trying until I find my way through it all Thanks

I am referring to the script html tags that you have in that print screen, they don’t seem to have proper html syntax, those are some lines from that html code that you have there, it doesn’t have proper valid html syntax

what about this one I have not tried to go any further all i did was paste in the url and the app id

I have the impression that it was better first time

Ok can you give me a working script to write that you know is good and I paste my server url and app id to it. I would really appreciate it.