[SOLVED] Uprading to pro plan has no effect

Hey Moralis Team,

my nodejs application stopped working and I recieved a mail from Moralis that i exceeded free tier limit. So I bought the pro plan but for some reason its still not working, same error. (I changed nothing and the application was running for months, so it has to be the one with the free tier limit).

  reason: 'could not detect network',
  code: 'NETWORK_ERROR',
  event: 'noNetwork'

what do you do when you get that error?

What do you mean by that? For me it seems like the response ethers.js gives you if rpc cant be reached. And I guess the Speedy Note stops beeing available once you reach your limit. As soon as the mail went in that I reached account limit, this error started to occur everytime I try to run the app.

No its almost 1 hour ago I bought the pro plan, still no effect.

Well I try to rerun the app, but all applications are stuck, besides I got a working internet connection, and I checked if Speedy Node endpoint changed after pro plan, but it stays the same

so your app it is using a RPC node, that doesn’t seem to work?

and you hardcoded that RCP node in your app?

on what chain it is?

we can change the RCP node url for your account

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That would be great currently its:

Polygon Mainnet:

I’m going to need your email address in DM

Sure, how can I DM you?

you have a new token now

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Thanks a lot, it worked instantly

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