Sniper bot failing - node speeds lag?

Since a few days ago I notice that the “speedy nodes” are slower than usual, has something changed? I used to use this service because of the speed of its nodes, but now it does not work for me.

are you referring to BSC archive in particular?

No, i’m using speedy nodes for a sniper bot for nfts in a marketplace. Last week, node had a good speed transaction, but now i loss all bids and my gas. Has something been changed in this aspect?

on what chain in particular?

In binance smart chain.

first column is today, second column is 4-5 days ago. Obviously not all of them are won, but from there to none is very rare.

you say that those transactions failed because they got processed too late (but you sent them on time), or you sent them too late because you didn’t have latest data on time?

They were processed too late compared to previous days. “Are slower” as other people get to bid before me. It used to be once in a while and since a few days ago it is always(as seen in the picture). And the bot I haven’t touched it and have been using it for a couple of weeks with no problems. So I think it is something of your service.

There are many reasons the sniping strategy could be failing

More competition from other traders that discover this sniping method and run their own bots

Higher gas etc

You can check ping of our nodes to see their speed

The speed of the nodes is just a part in weather some arbitrage will succeed or not

Maybe try other node providers and see if it’s different and then tell us here

I know there are more competitors, I also know about the price and that’s not the reason. I lose them by 5-6miliseconds, something that didn’t always happen a few days ago.
What’s the use of looking at the ping with the node, if I don’t know how much ping I had before? How can I see it? I tried other services and moralis was the best, but now I lose all bids and gas.

Have you changed anything in the speesy nodes, how could I improve this? I was thinking about a fullnode but it is too expensive for me at the moment.

how do you know that you lose them at 5-6 milliseconds?

Because I’m bidding on a nft and I see the transaction that took it. And I compare the successful transaction with mine that failed. In it I can also see the gas it has used and the maximum. So I know that is not the reason either.

Our BSC non-archive should be working as before

They should as fast as before

Therefore I suggest you try some other node provider so we know if it’s your strategy that doesn’t work anymore or if it’s something with the nodes

I use the same program as before. I haven’t modified anything, so I think it’s up to you. I have already tried others like getblock, chainstack… And you guys had the best speed, until a few days ago. Are you sure you haven’t changed anything? How could I improve the speed? You don’t have any plan for it, do you?

The same program can work today and not tomorrow because market changes, more people use same strategy etc

That’s why you always have to evolve your bot to stay ahead

I don’t think its the speed as our nodes are as before

But the market always changes

Arbitrage opportunities like sniping bots need to be evolved to keep working

few days ago, when you were winning, do you know what was the time interval until the next transaction that failed and had a bid on same NFT?

I know that. The bot is made by me and nothing has changed, there may be more competitors. As I said before, it’s normal that I don’t take many of them, but not all… I tell you, I have used the bot for 2 weeks with moralis and it was fine. Now I lose money xd

Try another node provider and let us know if it starts working - maybe some node provider became faster than us

our nodes are same as before

I don’t quite understand what you want to ask me. Excuse me, I’m not a native English speaker, do you mean how much time difference did you have with the others? I can’t know that, because there may have been 200 bidders for the same NFT, I would have to go to the contract history and look at the failed bids one by one and take the ones for the same NFT that I won.

But if it would help me, I could do it…

Right now, as I told you you were the fastest. I tried all the ones suggested by binance smart chain.

okok we are always looking into making nodes faster

Check out MEV:

MEV is when a miner sees that you find an arbitrage opportunity and steals it - could be a factor also