Slow event creation

I’m seeing slow event creation on our databases, both live and test.

For example, events in this table are taking 15+ seconds from block creation to table insertion. This is a test server, so there shouldn’t be anything blocking this, and there’s no beforeSave to slow things down. Any insights into why it’s taking so long?

I notice that those servers are not nitro server, and the prod one is an upgraded server.

can you try with a nitro server? any new created server is a nitro server.

We’ve got a nitro server that’s syncing - I sent a request in yesterday to upgrade it so it’ll sync in a reasonable time, but haven’t heard anything yet. Can you chase that up?

You sent an email to [email protected] with that request?

Yes. We’ve been waiting for 24 hours for a response.

Ok, you should get response today.

We still haven’t received a response. Shouldn’t be this hard to give you money…

Can you DM me your email address?