Set request rate limit in Moralis node module

Hello, in our app we are receiving the following error

We review the documentation here: We are using Moralis in node, not in the front end, and it seems that settings is not declared in this module in the back, or are we missing something, because when we try to set Moralis.settings, it throws an error saying that this is undefined.

In advance thanks

You can add that setting in your server cloud code, even if you use from node you are still connecting to a server

This config can be changed here in the “requestCount” column?

Can I put the maximum that I have in my plan that is 20,000 req/min?. In advance thanks for the advice

Not there, in cloud code, in a different window.

Look, We set a cloud function like this:

And in our code we run like this:


What are we missing? Because we are receiving the same error again. In advance thanks.

We acquired a plan of 20,000 req/min

you should not use that cloud function named setSettings, it is enough to have that function body in cloud code without any cloud function

But how can I add that setting in a cloud function, do you have a documentation how to do that in nodejs in order to use in server side? Because as I said previously, when we use “Moralis.settings.setAPIRateLimit” in the server, the error that appears is “setAPIRateLimit” of undefined, so it seems that “settings” is missing in the attributes of the Moralis nodejs implementation

on that image that you showed, with cloud functions window, you keep only lines 2, 3 and 4 and comment all the other lines, that is all you have to do

So, I only need to set as this? and I don’t have to run in my code?

this should be enough

yes, that is all, it will be executed automatically

Ok, now my server goes offline due capacity:

what is the server url? is that an upgraded server?

And now this:

The url of the server is:

Well that is the one that we have assigned to our account

We are in production, so please, could you help me asap? Please say me what we have to do?

you can send an email to [email protected] if you want to upgrade that server to a more powerful one.

you could also change that code to limit lower those numbers, now every user can make a lot of web3api requests to your server