Server unavailable

Hi guys, a few minutes ago I started receiving errors from the UI, when checking my instance

I saw that when connecting to my dashboard everything is empty (Browser, Logs, Config) and in the js console I see

Access to XMLHttpRequest at '' 
from origin '' has been blocked by CORS 
policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the 
requested resource.

Notice I had updated my server to 0.0.227 as soon as it was launched.

Can you help identify the root cause and if possible revert it?


Please read this guide first, might be the solution to your problem, if not, we need more data to help you properly FAQ - Common Issues & How To Get Help

Carlos Z

I had a collection with over 200k records and was causing everything in the platform, including the Admin dashboard, to time out. I had deleted items in the collection and now is back to normal.

I think it would be useful to check scalability limits with individual user’s collections.

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Thanks for reporting, we will check what happened

200k records shouldnt be a problem

@gianksp I see the problem is solved after restart.

Next time this happens - please dont restart server do we can check the logs.

Good luck!

Perfect, will keep you posted for replication

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