FAQ - Common Issues & How To Get Help

To be able to resolve your issue as fast as possible, we need to verify a few steps to get accurate data on your issue . Please be sure that you have checked the following steps that will provide all the data that we need to help you solve your issue:

Step 1: Take a look if you don’t have any of the eight most common issues:

  • Make sure that you have all the tools up and running such as [ganache, hardhat local, test, main node], web-server, frpc, or moralis-admin-cli. You can read on how to set everything up here: Setting Up Local Dev Chain, Moralis Admin CLI.
  • Update server to latest version: through moralis admin panel or though the moralis-admin-cli.
  • Check if Moralis SDK/CDN are updated to the latest version: Install the SDK or
    If not using NPM module use the latest sdk from CDN
    If using NPM module try npm update moralis --save/--save-dev (if package-lock.json does not allow it, add -f to force package updates).
  • Make sure you have installed our Moralis Snippets properly: Moralis Snippets.
  • Make sure you have updated your contract address, each migration, the contract address could be different, be sure to update it on your proper files.
  • Changing Ganache workspace incorrectly corrupts the database. If you use multiple workspaces and often switch between them (should delete all database).

A more explicit error message in the logs would be useful. When connecting to the local dev chain the internal sync state in the Moralis server can become corrupted if you start mixing up dev chain types- like switching between hardhat and ganache.

  • Make sure your Cloud functions are properly configured: Cloud Functions
  • Check For Typos: common issue for example: Moralis.user.current() where it should be Moralis.User.current().

Step 2: Check the documentation for answers to your issue:


Step 3: Search in forum for similar issues:

Your question is likely to have been answered already.

Step 4: Only if any of the above didn’t help, please explain or share in detail the error (using the following template)

  • Provide any screenshot about your error.
  • Provide the code properly following this guide: READ BEFORE POSTING - How to post code in the forum
  • Step by step on how to replicate the issue.
  • VERY HELPFUL : Tutorial that you have taken reference of.
  • Provide your subdomain.
  • IMPORTANT: Always provide your server URL.