Server restart forever loading


Hi I wanted to delete a sleeping server but its forever stuck on loading now.
Please help me delete it.

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the problem is fixed now, there server is working now

I have the same problem. Is there anything I can do on my own to restart the server?

you can check again now, I did a force reboot

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Yes, works again. Many thanks for the quick response.

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Hi @cryptokid! I think I have the same problem, my server is always in loading mode and can’t delete the server o create a new one. Could you help me?

Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 14.03.40

I need the server url

I have restarted it, can you check now.

It seems that is in the same state.

the server is working now

@cryptokid I’ve been having the same issue with my server, restarted it yesterday and it’s been stuck hanging since then

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the server works now

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Awesome, thank you!!

Hello, @cryptokid , I’ve been having the same problem with my server:

A question, beforehand. How can I restart my sv from my side in order not to bother Moralis?

the server seems to work now, I didn’t do anything this time

you can try to move to self hosting:

Hi @cryptokid! I just have a question. The self-host server also has the Dapp URL and the Application ID? It’s to be sure that I could keep working in Unity with my own server.

yes, you can use that with a self hosted server too, the dapp url and application id comes from parse server