Server restart forever loading

Yes, it seems the template idea was wrong. at the end it had “0” instead of 0. Can that be fixed. We’re not yet ready to selfhost immediately

can you try to change that template name?

It seems settings are currently disabled

As the server loads.

can you try to see if you can create a new server in that account? not sure if it works, after that you could see what is the request to update that template name on a different server

Yes, creating a new server works but I can see the request for the template update. Could you remove the sendgrid email template Id it may be the one causing the problem.

I mean, you change the template id in the new server, just to see what request is done in the network tab when you change that template id, and after that you make a similar request with postman to change the template id for the original server

Ok, I just changed the ID in the new server. And it worked. How do I make a request to change the template ID with postman is there some info about an API which can allow me to do this?

you can look in network tab to see how that request looked like when it worked, and you change there the server id probably, there isn’t an api for that

we can also change it, but it may take longer

Where would I find the network tab. I see a networks tab but that has no console.

I mean, in the browser, there is a network tab similar to the console tab

after you make a request it should show in network tab with all the parameters

I think, I’ll leave it to you to update it. Requests to the original server return this error ParseError: 100 XMLHttpRequest failed: “Unable to connect to the Parse API”

ok, we will try to change it on our side

the server works now

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Ok, thanks for your time and effort.