Retiring servers for free plan users from 1 December 2022

In the last few months we’ve done a lot of work to get Moralis integrated into some of the best web2 tools out there. Not only you can now self host the Moralis server, but you can also get both Authentication and real time Streams integrated into popular solutions like Firebase.

Now that we have those in place, the time has come to retire the old Moralis Server for our free plan users. From 1 December 2022 we will archive all basic servers from free plans.

This only applies to free plan servers, and if you have either purchased a paid production server or are currently on a pro plan this does not apply to you.

So how can you transition?

The alternative we recommend is to move to Firebase. It’s easy to use and infinitely scalable. You can also use whatever programming language you want. We have great tutorials out for Firebase.

The disadvantage with Firebase is that you can’t use the Moralis v1 SDK.

The second alternative is to go the self hosted route and self host the Moralis Server (Parse server). The advantages here is that you can use cloud code in the same way as before, as well as the Moralis v1 SDK. You also have support for Authentication and real time Streams. We have some great tutorials on this as well:

The disadvantage is that you have to setup the server itself and maintain it over time.


Hi, Im using Moralis V1 free plan cho dev. Now I ready purchase for release my site but got this email.
How to update from V1 to V2? I don’t want to setup Self-Hosting for V1.

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Is it possible for you guys to do some sort of tutorial showing how people can migrate from Moralis-V1 to Moralis-V2?
I think that is what most of us are looking for.

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I tried migrate Moralis-V1 to V2 with self-host.
and get Error :slight_smile:

I sure I setup Redis in .env:

Why could not I run yarn dev?

It looks like it can not connect to localhost for redis connection.

Yes, but I don’t setup Redis on localhost. I setup Cloud Redis what you can saw in .env

Why code sample tried connect to localhost Redis? I confuse here

Try with a simpler password that doesn’t have @

Worked! thanks bro. Cause is symbol @ in password :).

but where config clientID and ChainId for web3auth:

or here:

Does it work with MetaMask?

worked with metamask

There is a separate tutorial for web3auth in documentation. Maybe that one helps.

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there is a video here about how it could be done with Parse Server

Need a complete sama Firebase supabase tutorial, including Moralis Supabase Rainbowkit

Try to adapt both the Supabase tutorial and RainbowKit tutorial to integrate them in the same project.

If you have issues with this you can make a new topic.

I plan to upgrade to Pro plan this month. Is Moralis-hosted-server still available yet? In other words, I can keep my current setting as it is, right? I am not familiar with server side. I hope it good for people like me.

if you already have a server and upgrade to Pro plan now then your server will still be a sleeping server after you upgrade to Pro plan

if you don’t have a server now then you can not create a server after you upgrade to Pro plan

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Do I have to wake up the server every three days? This is not good for a production use.
Do you want us go for self-hosting even when you subscribe the Pro plan?

In this particular case only if you upgrade the server then you can keep it for longer.
The plan is to move everyone to self hosted servers in the long term.

Hi, we were not able to migrate to self hosted server in time, and our Free Dapp slept, I upgraded my subscription but still can’t restore my dapp. Is there anything I can do to get a few more days to work on self hosting? Thanks a lot