[Questions] Metamask for Developers

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I’m currently trying to set up my Metamask for developers.
I’m stuck at minute 13:37 in the video where you say “yarn install”
That line is not recognized on my Visual Studio.
Please Assist

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Hey @Khalafa

You need to install Yarn first:

npm install --global yarn

it’s not working. I tried to install npm as an extension but nothing happened after. then I tried to put “npm install” and execute but nothing happened.

what error did you get?
did you try something like: nix npm install -g yarn ?

yeah it just says bash: nix: command not found

I wanted to write npx and not nix

Hello, Thank you for the great video on Metamask. Your mentioned in your video that we could remove some header nav items in the code App.jsx – I could not find this section of code in the latest version of the boilerplate – please advise. :slight_smile:

Hello! Have there been changes to the ethereum-boilerplate? when I run a yarn install on the bash terminal it says “command not found”. I would love some direction. tia!

Hey @CryptoEternal, can you specify from the error what command is not found? did you by any chance also installed yarn in your system?

Hello @YosephKS , It is the yarn command, I thought it came installed in the VSC. Do you have a link to install yarn? Thank you

ohh not it doesnt, so I believe you don’t need a link, you can just install it with npm if you already installed nodejs in your system. Just run this one command:

npm i -g yarn

and it should be installed

Thank you, I have not seen any videos on Moralis Web3 Youtube about any of this. I appreciate your advice.

I am not able to use any extensions on the VS code. Is there something I’m missing?

No Yarn is a package manager that you need to install within your system, VSCode extensions is just something added within your VSCode text editor environment to help you have a more productive coding, so both serve different purpose :raised_hands:

And yest, we don’t usually show it because it’s usually assumed for JS developer to be familiar with these tooling

Oh thanks, I am very new to JS code so I am trying to be patient and learn as much as I can this year. :pray: