Metamask error for listing NFT's on marketplace

Hey guys
My Open sea clone is going really good and is pretty much finished.
I’m seeing this error now when I’m listing NFT’s and haven’t seen it before. Does anyone know what would be causing this.
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:
My Repo

I get this Metamask error when I go to the Mumbai chain and try and approve and list NFT’s. Approving works great on the Ropsten test net chain. Is this because of where I deployed the smart contract?


You have deployed the same contract code to Mumbai? Try switching your MetaMask’s chain to another one and then back. You can also try using another RPC URL for Mumbai (in your MetaMask network settings).

Hi @glad
Changing the chain to another chain and back didn’t work and I changed the RPC URL to from moralis and it comes up with something went wrong. Has moralis got a new RPC URL for this?

Moralis doesn’t provide RPCs / speedy nodes anymore. If you need to look at another node provider, you can use Chainstack, but you should be able to use one of the public ones for this.

Try reloading your browser if clicking “Try again” doesn’t work.

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Hi @glad
I used chain stack and that worked. I’m just waiting for the approval to go through on Mumbai testnet.
It seems to be taking a long time and it said unknown processing time before i confirm the approval on Metamask. Do you have a idea of why this is.

Screenshot 2022-07-27 092401 unknown processing time

You can check the transaction hash (can also get it from MetaMask > View on Block Explorer) on You can paste it here. Sometimes there are network issues or congestion.

Hey @glad
I’m just trying to get the listing to work on the Ropsten testnet now on my Dapp. The polygonscan just tells me the transaction was pending still. It doesn’t say success or failed transaction. Should I change the RPC URL for the Ropsten testnet? the approval works fine

Check the approval transaction hash on to make sure it was successful.

For the error, you need to check your function parameters, it is saying you’re using a non-contract address. Did you follow all the instructions here?

Hey @glad
The approval transaction hash on etherscan says success. Is this the function parameter you are talking about or is there somewhere else i need to add the contract address aswell? I have done everything in the readmd.MD

Should I add the marketAddress in the List function of my NFTMarkettransactions.jsx or should i add the market address to the NFTMarketTransactions function in NFTMarketTransactions.jsx?
I think I need the marketAddress in 1 of these functions?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


@cryptokid Are you free to help at all?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If that non-contract address error is coming from the list function, then check that marketAddress and token_address, make sure they’re both correct and are contract addresses.

Hey @glad
My marketAddress Is correct but i can’t find where the Token_address is to check if it is correct. Can you point me in the direction to find that at all?

Is this the contract address you are talking about because yes that is a different marketAddress to the one in my MoralisDappProvider.js? :slight_smile:

Hi @glad
I think I need to deploy a smart contract that lets me mint NFT’s with the same Contract Address that I used in the marketplaceBoilerplate.sol. My issue is I minted the NFT’s from a different Dapp. Is there another way around it or I have to remint. Does this sound right?
Cheers :slight_smile:

token_address is coming from the nft object that is passed into the list function, so you can console.log(nft).

Have you been following the tutorial? The contract address from marketplaceBoilerplate.sol is the one that needs to be inside MoralisDappProvider.js.

Yes I have been following the tutorial. The NFTs in my wallet were from the Rarible clone marketplace so they have a different contract address.

Do I need to mint the NFTs on opensea or can I bring other NFTs to list for sale?

You should be able to use any NFT contract. When you go to list an NFT with the marketplace contract, it takes the NFT contract address.

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