Jobs failing in my dashboard

hi! I’m wondering why jobs are failing and if you please guide me on what code do I need to post or to look into? I’m following cloning rarible. I just notice there are jobs failing. and I was already on the part 14 of the tutorial.

Thank you!

Hey @suntay44

Please share your server subdomain

Could you make a screenshot of “sync and watch” settings?

Here is the sync and watch and the contract address

this is for item for sale, and the first sent was itemsold

Is ChainId “selected”?

yup selected for both

Do you have spaces in those topics? From this picture it looks like you have spaces. (anyway this should’t be a reason for those fails)

I believe there is none :frowning:

Thank you.

Dev team is checking it

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I mean if there is a space after , as in itemAdded(uint256, uint256, uint256) vs itemAdded(uint256,uint256,uint256)

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i see, didn’t know it would be different. I have one spaces that’s the correct one right?

the correct one is with no spaces

trying to update it to no spaces but this happen @Yomoo & @cryptokid

Yes, this happens when you want to update the event, you can not use the same table name
You can add a letter at the end of the table name, update the event, delete previous table, then update the event again if you want to reuse the previous table name

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will try that. Thanks! nothing will break when i do that?

Nothing should break when you do that.

I tried it now my job is alone and I tried logging in, refreshing and click refresh on the upper right. It is still alone. Does it take time to reflect back here?

Do you have data in Moralis dashboard in those tables that are associated with the event syncs?