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Let’s get to know each other!
My name is Ivan and I work as a software developer and run Ivan on Tech Youtube channel. Techology is my passion in life and blockchain technology is the field I’m most excited about. I love educating and spreading knowledge about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden :sweden: Except working and creating blockchain content on Youtube I try to work out regularly. When I was younger I trained swimming a lot and now I’m mostly gonig to the gym.

What about you guys? I’m curious to hear your story and interests!


Hello, my name is David and I have worked as a software engineer for a couple decades using most of the main languages. I am currently employed as a software developer but am trying to go full time crypto with my own project.

My crypto passion is NFTs and how they can be used to improve / augment and invent new business cases.

I have worked through many of the Academy classes and am excited to put the skills learned to use. I had already started building my own layer two solution when Moralis was announced - excited to see what I can do with Moralis - reminds me of early AWS!

For the Hackathon I am working on an NFT dApp that enables users to tie physical assets to NFTs. This dApp will use Moralis and my own layer two solution - still in alpha development.

I live in Florida, my main hobbies are experimenting with programming languages, sepnding time in nature with my wife and kids, and playing music with my wife and kids.


welcome David :slight_smile: looking forward to your dapp :slight_smile:


Hi Ivan I am addicted to your content and to matic, defi, and philosophically powerful technology. I want to make protocols deep within the layers of defi so we I get the most sophisticated usership first then next is to scale my communities to really change the way people are interfacing with their game of life.

This game will help users make the most out of their financial decisions and also develop deeply meaningful relationships in their life and belief systems.

#day 3 dev over here but already have a server up and running and that I can interface with and connect my wallet to. this technology is amazing. took a little to get vs code working, do some js tutorials, and watch some moralis vids but I am feeling really empowered to keep going down this path.

I am very looking forward to building together frens.

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I am hoping to use all of the knowledge I absorbed from the number one crypo community creator IVAN himself

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Rob I am an IT director at a managed services company. I have been dabbling in programming for many years, but I have never created a web application that people use. My focus has always been reporting, troubleshooting and support of internal applications.

I love the outdoors fishing, kayaking, and hiking the pandemic has had me wanting to get out more but time has just not allowed.

As far as my goals with Moralis I would like to create a platform to trade synthetic and native assets. Tying as many different blockchains as possible.


Hi All,
I’m Erno and I work with Ivan on Tech Academy and Moralis as a developer. I’m mainly working on integrating React with Moralis, right now.

I’m excited to see what you’re all building with Moralis :smiley:

Also, I love to travel and music festivals. But that’s on hold for a while, so more time for crypto and buidling



Are you a Neil Stephenson fan by any chance?

no but sounds right up my alley. I love all things about furthering us as far as the empowerment of individual, deeper connectivity with bonds of our spirit and the creation of good within our individuals monetary network. lets take conciousness by starting the conversation on the web brother.

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were all alchemists, builders, exchangers, savers, compilers, computers, minds, miners, players of the game of life. we must pool use our consciousness and our attentions to further strengthen our pool of wisdom and monetary energy.

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Hello World and everyone here!

My name is Nev and I’m a toddler developer incredibly passionate about crypto and blockchain. Currently learning as much as I can, as fast as I can and working on building my first dapp.

I am quite passionate about crypto use case for replacing legacy business and investing practices and that’s what I’m working on. Moralis will be crucial in helping improve the user experience.

This is my first hackaton :grimacing:

Love being outside, traveling, and teaching.


Greetings to Everyone!

I am Xyz, a newbie developer fresh from Ivan on Tech Academy. I’m participating in my first hackathon to learn how great developers (you guys!) think and learn from it! I’ll try to build on my own, but I do welcome anyone who wants an extra hand on their team.

I have an economics background and I specialize in spotting market inefficiencies, just don’t have enough experience to build my ideas :sweat_smile:

Have fun guys!


Howdy. I’m Intrepid Shape.

Been copy and pasting from stack overflow and cloning githubs for a couple of years now. I’ve also ran a tiny software dev company for a couple of months which was an awesome experience. Was an early adopter of crypto. Right now I’m really interested in NFT games like Lost Relics, Ember Sword and Mist. Would like to make my own one day - there are some cool unity plugins that are now just hitting the scene particularly this one. I also write music which you can find here (spotify link). Currently working through the rarible clone app would love to turn it into a lite Enjin type thing or something. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Hello! I’m Jon.
I’m a student of mechatronics. I used to program small things like HTML for school in 6th grade, Arduino in secondary school but now I really took it upon myself to learn programing. I have been programming for about a month now, trying to follow courses on front end masters and try doing simple projects. In my free time, I like to work out, learn new things, invest in crypto. Oh and I brew my own beer.
Nice to meet you all!


Hello dear fellows, Hello Ivan.
First of all Thank you Ivan for this invitation and Many thanks for all the positive energy you give us on your youtube channel.
My name is Tom, Im a coder in my soul and body, it’s my passion…
I live in Brussels Belgium, you maybe don’t know of course because it’s the smallest boring country in Europe with lots of taxes :o)
I have discovered the world of Crypto thanks to Ivan on youtube in January 21 and start to buy tokens since then…
And since then im struggeling with many apps to track all my token and its quite difficult to manage them well.
So i decide to compete with you guys by building WV (“WeeVee”) the Wallet Viewer (To take the right decision hehe).
The frontend/Client app is in React js (React Native: the Moralis lib doesn’t work yet due to severals dependencies that require Node Builtin libs), the Backend will be build with Nodejs of course and a bit of Golang for one a little api.
Im the only one in the team and will be glad if someone wants to join me.

Best Regards and happy coding


ehllo ladies (and gentlemen) 'tis I
Justin of Ridington
Here for the tech for real

I think yourself and Ivan have somethiing in comon (my crappy blue swiitch keyboard doubling my i’s time for an upgrade)

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cheers Jon good luck do you have a team?

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Hey Justinride. Thank you. I don’t have a team, kinda just stumbled into this, so I don’t know that many people in this programing space yet.


I am Cas from Limburg in the Netherlands.
Following courses of IvanOnTech for a year now after earlier ones at uDemy and others.
Into crypto since 2017 and fulltime since january 2020 after finishing my last job and decided , as earlier , to follow my heart for the crypto space, having the vision to be prepared for this revolution :wink:
Also learned/ing trading, TA and building some bots already.
Since youngest years (now 55…) a tech-guy and somewhat autistic, like to develop innovative tools or devices like early GSM+GPS blackbox and pre-tablet round 2000’s…
But now focussing on NFT, Moralis and supporting TheBitcoinFamily and their style of life :slight_smile:
Available as dev…