FINISHED [LFG] Looking for Group - Moralis Hackaton

Here you can get in touch with the community that are looking for partners to team up and start building a project idea.

:ballot_box_with_check: How to introduce yourself in Looking For A Hackaton Group:

  • Describe your idea shortly - tell us about your project.
  • Your background and experience.
  • Who are you looking for to help you with your project (frontend, backend, solidity developer…)

:warning:You shouldn’t share any personal data. If anyone is interested, they should send a private message to you through the forum. Then in private, you can discuss the details.

Quick Example:

Project Idea: Fork uniswap to ‘waffleswap’, first dex using moralis.
My background and experience: Solidity & Backend Dev.
Looking For: Frontend Dev (Web3 mandatory) and another solidity dev.

DM me if you are interested.


Hello Cecil,

is it ok for a moralis user to participate in 2 or 3 Hackathon Projects??

Like maybe I am the lead on one project and part time help to another project.

Then a guy on the other project also wants to contribute to my project.

I see this as a harmony of interest as opposed to a conflict of interest.

Can I submit 2 hackathon projects ea with separate set of devs except for me as achitect/admin

exploring the parameters
thsnk you for some clarity


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Hi @Cacao!

We don’t have any issue with what you are suggesting. Seems like a great idea!

All best


thanks @AdamFortuna

good clarity.

@dbgoodrich for your extra considerations


Hi all,

My partner and I are looking to partner with a solidity and web3 dev on our project.

Our project aims to lower the barrier for entry into premarket allocation from launchpads (more detail will be provided during our first meeting).

Benefits to joining our project include equity in the project as we plan on taking it forwards beyond the hackathon, and of course prize money from the hackathon should we win some :slight_smile:

DM me here or on the discord if you are interested


Project Headed by Prof Richard Werner, inventor of QE, and number one bestselling Author (Princes Of Yen, please check it out).
Team has banking expertise, economic literacy, legal support, and now we would like to build a DAO that can promote sustainable community banking for global localties, in order to make credit available for SME’s that otherwise struggle. Community based, all endevours steered by community, and information crowd source to implement functioning community banks around the world. Banking team supports with licensing where needed, and legal support.

We are looking for programmers who have passion for sustainable aiding SME community development and macroeconomic work of Prof. Werner, and DeFi. Ambitious projects with potential global impact. We hope to collaborate and look forward to meeting and building with interested individuals soon : )
DM me if interested, thks!


Guys, I am looking for a team to develop a DEX using 1inch or Paraswap API. I am new dev, noob basically, I am looking for a team. Where I can volunteer, only thing is for me to gather experience.


I am interested in getting to know more developers who are wanting to form a team, I know it is little too late for the Hackathon, but I see huge opportunity in this area. My background is I am the #1 person who manages facebook Page related with Crypto and traditional investment in Mongolian language and I can find many customers if we manages to create an Defi project.
I learned some React before and now I am working with and coding a project for my users. Since I am from Mongolia. I do that in Mongolian and English in two languages. Now I see that there can be huge opportunity in this field because In Mongolia and in Mongolian there is nothing in this crypto Defi field. So if anyone who wants to do something truly unique and want to connect with big money, please DM me


Let’s talk man! I am also wanting to gather experience in this field.

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Hey, lets get in touch I am @bitmongol telegram pm me

how have you gotten on looking for a dev? I’m kinda sniffing around for projects/work

Hey, man no. I am working on my own project for now. We can talk about making projects together :slight_smile:

hey, I would like to get in touch!


Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I appreciate the outline that you posted regarding how to properly communicate ideas on the forum.
Best Regards,

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Project Idea: Moralis Hackathon ‘2021’,
My background and experience: Solidity & Backend development, Visual Studio, Visual Basic, VSCode, .NET developer, UWP, Windows Phone, Azure, AWS
Looking For: Joint venture team members. Frontend, Backend, Full-Stack Devs (Web3 mandatory) and another solidity programmers and developers with like minded interests. Dedicated to future technologies focusing on sustainable resources. Broadcasting interactive Internet to increase knowledge and unify the global communities on Earth and beyond. Utilizing the networking and knowledge gleaned from the Moralis Hackathon ‘2021’.

DM me if you are interested.


Hey, defnitely interesting. Would you build an MVP of that as part of the hackathon? I don’t see an option for DMs here, but you can reach me on Twitter @raphbaph.

Hey there,

I’m looking for a partner for a small and beautiful project for the Moralis hackathon.
I want to build an oracle on Chainlink that offers truly random numbers.

Number generation would be like this:

I mount a small microphone in my garden, and take the 24 bit output from the mic as a source of randomness. (Wind blowing, cars going by, Kindergarden across the street, birds, …) then scramble the samples in some way so that it cannot be gamed if the location would be known. (Loudness attack :wink: )

Finally offer the stream and a cryptographic proof on a Chainlink oracle.

If you’re interested reply here or DM me on Twitter @raphbaph.

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Looking for a developer to collaborate on a new project regarding protocol to defi and dex. This relates to a current realtime business. More detailed information will be provisioned to the developer when all parties agreement to move forward. Developer will make recommendations on node.js, Solidity, react, moralis, etc, etc

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Hey Bouncy, what your social or email. You can get me on twitter DAO’[email protected] Thanks!

Project Idea: Trustless CS GO skin trading platform
My background and experience: No development/tech experience. I am an MBA currently working at a Startup
Looking For: Jack of all blockchain tech

DM me if you are interested.