Even we have got pro-plan (we have paid) but our node seems no work

we have got a a pro-plan and our speedy-node request is only showing 1 request.

and we are getting error like exceeding request limit exceeded?

could you help us, because we want to deploy to production.

can you send me in DM your email and current speedy node token? I can reset that token

how can i dm? it is closed

I sent you a dm here

You can also send an email at [email protected] in case that you don’t find that dm

we want to use speedy nodes polygon in our mint page. i suppose we should not add rpc url to metamask… how can we proceed with web3.js can you show us a way please.

our email is [redacted]

What is the exact problem that you have?

we have mint instructions for users who dont know anything about metamask… so we said that please add speedy node url and chain id 137 for polygon mainnet. if we did not do that. we can get unknown account from web3.js

You can ask them to add a public RPC url for polygon too in MetaMask, not necessarily your speedy node url.

ok how can we can code from web3.js can you show an example for us? because we are not sure it flow through moralis…

I don’t understand what for you need code

i will share in a minute… what i mean… please keep in touch

we use that export const ProviderAddress: string = “wss://speedy-nodes-nyc.moralis.io/fccc55fe6559f339efb29e25/polygon/mumbai/ws”;

is it suitable way ? because we are getting unkown account error, so we cant popup metamask for users? how can we fix that?. can you share with sendtransaction example which uses speedy nodes provider in a web3…

You can use Moralis.executeFunciron directly

You may need to init web3 first, like using Moralis.enableWeb3, in latest version of Moralis sdk you may get an ethers instance.

And users will need to have polygon network added to MetaMask. And also to have matic in their account in order to be able to make a transaction.

hi we get cors error, can you help us… we are in bad position… all the codes (smart conrtact, whitelist and backend) is ok. but we are stuck in that position. we can use infura with web3. but we cant use moralis. we need your support please…

you have written this… what will we do right now. all process is stop for moralis decision???

what is the problem that you have now?

any request doesn’t work to speedy node, or only some requests don’t work

in what situation you get CORS errors? is it because of timeout, networks blocking, error from speedy node?

we are getting this

that message looks like a rate limit error, but it doesn’t look like an error from moralis speedy nodes

but why we getting this? we use speedy nodes provider and poylgon public url. how can we avoid this?