EthNFTOwners, EthNFTBalances tables not syncing

Hello all,

I have recently started building an NFT valuation app using Moralis. I have been implementing functionality to Watch Eth Addresses from the front end, but when I am calling watchEthAddress on an address, the EthNFTOwners and EthNFTBalances tables are not being created on my server.

I was hoping I could have some help fixing this problem to get these tables to be synced for the Wallet Adresses I am watching.

Let me know what other useful information I can provide.

Don’t recommend you use those tables, I’m assuming you’re using non-Nitro servers

but keep in mind, once you update them, they might disappear :raised_hands:

recommend you to use the Web3APIs instead for it

nitro servers don’t have those tables any more:

Thank you, would u suggest just using Web3 api instead to get data NFTs held in a particular wallet address?

web3api works, you also get synced nft transfers in a table in case that helps you

Thank you, web3api has been working well. Thank you for the help!