Ethereum Prediction Market Boilerplate Questions

This is a thread to discuss the Ethereum Prediction Market Boilerplate Repository ( we covered on YouTube.

We are here to help! If you have any questions about how to use it or how to set it up you can ask here!


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i use it on mumbai testnet and after minting faucet token i try to burn to token but nothing happens and doesnt go to step 2 after successfull tx … i wonder why?

Hey @Saxon, can you specify which part of the tutorial are you in? and did you checked whether the token is really burnt on your wallet? And are you following the tutorial video from scratch or use the one directly on main branch?

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actually i used directly from repo without watching tuto … it approved to spent BET token and after burn tx is successful and it really burnt my BET token but after that nothing happens and stock at this screed

Ohh I see @Saxon, yes if you just used it directly it won’t work because before you make it work you need to setup some cloud functions and sync some events because when it creates a new game (when burning the BET token), we need to get the newly created BettingGame smart contract address to interact with it in the next step and the way I do it is by using some event syncing in the video. You can check Part 7 of the video (you can check the timestamp) if you want to for setting up that part :raised_hands: Otherwise, a quick work around is to go to the BurnToken.jsx and make little changes like this:

   onSuccess: () => handleNext(),

so after creating the game successfully, it will automatically move to the next step of the game. However, I don’t recommend this because you won’t have the smart contract address of the BettingGame that was just created, which in turn won’t allow you to further advanced into the other steps (because there are some direct interaction with the newly created BettingGame smart contract)


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oh now i see thank you so much @YosephKS i really need to watch it then

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You’re very welcome @Saxon :grin:~

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hi, if I’m following the video which repo I need to use? the full code or the starter?

Hey @m33lucky, what do you mean by full or starter code here?

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to follow the video which do I use
1: []
2: [

these are two links below the video

Sorry for the late reply @m33lucky. This is the link to the github repo Hope you have a great day~

Thanks for the reply I will try again

I’m not getting anywhere with this video tutorial as I’ve started with the boilerplate post production. Is there some help I can get to try and troubleshoot the problems I’m having.

When I open the template from VSC on local machine it just shows the folder I’m working in, no UI?

Any help or tips are greatly appreciated.

If you just open VSCode of course no UI will appear, you need to start the app for seeing the UI :raised_hands:

Right I typed npm start in the terminal of VSC after having completed the tutorial as I thought it was all up to date and such.

Alright so I’m starting with fresh folder and cloning the repo for ethereum-boilerplate.
I’ll follow the tutorial and see what comes of it.

If I run into issues I’ll reach you here again, thank you!

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Fantastic, yes you can :raised_hands:

Hi @YosephKS, how/where? do I Install all dependencies for cd ethereum-prediction-market-boilerplate and yarn install…? My VScode terminal isn’t recognizing either of them. I’ve downloaded the zip and extracted it, then opened the folder in VScode. Is this the proper way to do this or is there a more efficient way…? or did I miss @ step Thanks:)

Hey @brollejr, I think you might not have yarn in your system, you might need to install that first

npm i -g yarn

this will require you to have node/npm, if you haven’t you can download them first in their official website :raised_hands:

Well, thx for the video, but I have some questions. If I got you right, the idea of having a BET token is for anyone (challenger or creator) who uses our dapp, need to first go and buy some BET tokens(from a dex), then before playing the game we offer, he needs to BURN some of his BET tokens from his wallet. Right? Then, that BURNT BET token either goes to the project owner, or vanishes (therefore reduces the BET token supply and increases its price) Right? If yes, then why the hell u didn’t say anything about it in your 6h video? If I am wrong, then why the hell should anyone create this dapp? For what? What’s my benefit of having two idiots to come and gamble on my dapp? Thx