Error: web3Sign trigger signer address missing or invalid, OpenSea plugin createBuyOrder

 try {
      const res = await Moralis.Plugins.opensea.createBuyOrder({
        network: "testnet",
        tokenAddress: values.tokenAddress,
        tokenId: values.tokenId,
        tokenType: values.tokenType,
        amount: values.amount,
        userAddress: web3Account,
        paymentTokenAddress: "0xc778417e063141139fce010982780140aa0cd5ab",
    } catch (Err) {
      console.log("Error in buOrder", Err);

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I don’t know the solution now, were you authenticated?

maybe all function plugin Opensea not working.

yes I was, After connecting the account it give me this when I tried to make buyOrder.
do you have any idea how to implement buy opensea NFT token in own platform with react and moralis

I was looking around the moralis library in node_modules and i get this line which is always going to be false and it never goes to inside if block

this image is from file

and after making tweaks in this file its moved to next page
I get _response.wait() is not function in case 28

you are not suppose to change node_modules/moralis/lib/browser/MoralisWeb3.js

Thats core lib file

i have to implement buy nft functionality how should I proceed then??
any idea

Yes, I am authenticated. Many people still have this issue.

Does anyone know the fix for this?!