Error syncing realtime event for topic

  1. 2021-06-09T16:44:39.267Z - Error syncing realtime event for topic 0x79075bc8e01a054a9d98a26a8da0ef5a887c4bbf1241ac94cc7c69a0d62ac39c {}


etherscan for contract events

any ideas?

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Carlos Z

the other events are syncing fine.

i tried to remove the class and resave the plugin settings

the error seems so non explicit… what kind of error? at what part of the process? (it is not from the cloud function code it is from Moralis internal block sync code)

By going into the contract code of that topic.

You can see the abi differs from the one you are using


The indexed values do not match from the ones in your ABI.


awww, thats embarrassing!

thanks for your sharp eye!
it’s working now!

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amazing, thanks for figuring this out :raised_hands::raised_hands:

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