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This thread is for questions and discussions regarding this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjqDSH29ZKk&t=109s

Code: https://github.com/MoralisWeb3/youtube-tutorials/tree/main/unity-metaverse

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Question: How would I scan the QR code when I am within an mobile app?

  • no desktop - only one single phone or tablet available
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Hi Klaustrian, very good question. On mobile builds we communicate to the wallet or wallets installed through deep linking so there’s no need of QR code. We’re about to post a video about this and it will be live before this friday.

I hope that answers your question until the release of the video.

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so, walletconnect is only a protocol to my understanding. so the wallet should be found automatically, right?
looking forward to the video!

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Yes, that’s right. And most crypto wallets use it.


it’s was error compiling, when i import to unity

Could you specify what error? Screenshot might work :wink:

Does it support webgl? After switching to WebGL, compile error

Assets\Scripts\GameManager.cs(75,28): error CS0029: Cannot implicitly convert type ‘Moralis.WebGL.Platform.Objects.MoralisUser’ to ‘Moralis.Platform.Objects.MoralisUser’

@overmoral thanks for pointing that out but this tutorial project was not meant to build on WebGL.

However, we’re going to do another video on how to build to WebGL and log in directly with MetaMask and other wallets (without QR code) soon.

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Having problems with installing the moralisSDK. I cannot drag it and drop it like the video. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

Hi @hereiamlive. Could you elaborate on why you can’t drag and drop it? What is the error or what exactly happens in that process?


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when I go to drag and drop it in Unity it gives me a circle with the line through it … will not allow it to be dragged in.

Drag it when you’re on the “Project” tab and drag it there, like this:

If you’re on the “Console” tab or somewhere else it won’t let you.

Let me know if that solved your problem :slight_smile:

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I keep getting this error, anyone know why?

Hi @agupagu,

Could you specify when are you getting this error?


Hey i get this error when I scan the qr code using metamask

Hey any updates as to why I’m getting this problem?

@agupagu are you getting this error using a fresh copy of the metaverse project and after having filled WalletConnect needed fields like shown in here (minute 10:40)?

Hmm I was actually using the webGL video on the runescape clone which did not have a field for speedy node url so I was hoping to get that to work

I can’t seem to load the moralis template either