Compiled with problems

Compiled with problems:X


Line 90:34: Unsafe usage of optional chaining. If it short-circuits with ‘undefined’ the evaluation will throw TypeError no-unsafe-optional-chaining

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There is a fix for that here so make that change in that Contract.jsx file.

hey im still getting that error…ive got the yarn installed and changed the .env but it still shows up

This issue has nothing to do with .env. Did you make the change to Contract.jsx?

for (let method of contract?.abi ?? method) {

hey yeah i did but it still gives the same error

It stopped brinign up the compiled with probelms but if I connect the wallet the screen just dosent load

You can try this. Ethereum Boilerplate Questions

hey i cant shake off this error

You can ignore these types of warnings for development. Your app should still be functioning normally, make sure to reload your page if things aren’t responding.

Hey Thanks I just unistalled and re installed it all…However when I deploy it for some reason the page doesnt load…

I deleted and created a new server still not loading…

does the page load if you run it locally?

Yeah on local host it generally works fine

You deployed the public folder which is not the right one to be deployed rather the build folder.
To get the build folder, you need to run yarn run build or npm run build.