Ethereum Boilerplate Questions

It’s still the same issue, check the picture below.

Try with error suppression on the previous one

/*eslint no-unsafe-optional-chaining: "error"*/
for (let method of contract?.abi)
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it still tells me the contract is undefined. :sweat_smile:

That’s the last accepted fix for that error :sweat_smile:

Can you check if you are not missing any from here.

Did you happen to solve the error?

If not try this. I somehow recreated the error and adding this eslint comment cleared it.
// eslint-disable-next-line no-unsafe-optional-chaining

I tried a a few things, still getting an error with the deployment. Please have a look at the screenshot, maybe you know what that means. Good looking out tho :cowboy_hat_face:

If you do not use react : downgrade to node version < 17:

install node v16.13.0 : nvm install 16.13.0

list installed versions : nvm list

switch to version 16.13.0 : nvm use 16.13.0
For Windows10+ i had to do this in an elevated command prompt window, opened with administrator rights (rightmouse click cmd.exe and select : run as administrator.

Check version in use : node -v

hey there, I’m looking to use Moralis with Unity for user authentication but want to provide users the abilitty to authenticate with Solana / Phantom in addition to wallet connect or metamask.

I’m really struggling to find any information about using the Moralis’ Unity SDK for Phantom authentication handling. Is there any information out there that I can read up on? Could someone point me in the right direction?


I tried added the Unity package to another asset, and I can’t seem to figure out this error when building webgl, all other builds work.

UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)ailed process stderr log:
Value: %551 = landingpad { i8*, i32 }
catch i8* bitcast ({ i8*, i8* }* @_ZTI22Il2CppExceptionWrapper to i8*)
LLVM ERROR: Unrecognized struct value

I have a question

How do you change the FAVI ICON & Moralis Logo on the top

let me know would like to get t his changed and can’t seem to find that info

Favicon can be changed in index.html file, under public folder.

App logo can be changed in App.jsx file Logo element.

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How can I fix this error?


Are you on the latest Moralis / react-moralis? I’m not getting that TS error by default.

I am getting this error in every component - I just started the app after adding my keys in the .env and ran yarn

Hi have a look here. visual studio code - Why do I keep getting Delete ‘cr’ [prettier/prettier]? - Stack Overflow

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I got the answer though i wil want to check this out later - thanx
in the discord moralis channel got this

yarn format

and then i had another error and was told to add this
add this comment in contract.jsx before line 90 // eslint-disable-next-line no-unsafe-optional-chaining

Hello, I am new to this community. I was following along with the youtube tutorial and found out that the starting code in the video for the Ethereum Boilerplate is different from that in the GitHub link. I am not familiar with the format of this forum so I apologize if someone already brought this up. If not, could you provide the legacy code so that we may follow along?

Do you mean this tutorial? Web3 Dapp Boilerplate Starter Project - Moralis Programming Tutorial - YouTube

If so, you just start with the boilerplate as it is.