API Syncs rates

Good morning all !

I am really looking forward to use Moralis’ API for mostly NFT purposes but I would need a bit more information about synced data and syncs rates.

· Could I have a definition of the : “last_token_uri_sync”, “last_metadata_sync” and “synced_at” ?

· About the sync rate, I mean if a collection is revealed, do you detect the change right away and update the info for your APIs or do you have some sort of global update every day at 00h00 ?

I am concerned about that because I planned to use your API in an extended way but I really needed reactivity about reveals info and as an example:
this collection (0xfcd330a3b24e8c82ac8946e6ef113b8115aec703) has already been revealed but no metadata was shared from the api on June 6th (https://deep-index.moralis.io/api/v2/nft/0xfcd330a3b24e8c82ac8946e6ef113b8115aec703?chain=eth&format=decimal).

Thank you in advance for your assistance !

Cheyenne V.

You have more info here about what those fields mean here:

The metadata doesn’t get updated when the collection is revealed, or at 00h00, it gets updated when someone calls resyncMetadata endpoint in this particular case.

When the token uri points to IPFS, then it will be added to a queue to be re synced automatically when that token id is accessed, more info here: