Changes in WEB3 API response for metadata from Jun 20, 2022

New fields introduced

We currently return the field synced_at that represent when the metadata was updated or failed to be updated
We introduced a new fields last_token_uri_sync and last_metadata_sync
last_metadata_sync represent when the metadata for an NFT was updated
last_token_uri_sync represent when the token_uri for an NFT was updated or failed to be updated

What exactly can break?

In one week from now, we will stop returning synced_at on our APIs.

How to ensure my app won’t break?

Applications that depends on this field should start reading last_token_uri_sync and/or last_metadata_sync.
last_metadata_sync is the closed to synced_at since both are updated when the metadata is saved

When will this change go live ?


Link to Moralis Forum for discussions

We have staff monitoring forum 24/7 - while we don’t monitor GitHub as much - so we need everyone to discuss in the forum

The API documentation

The documentation will be updated to add those 2 new fields