525 Origin SSL Handshake Error, problems with the server

Hello, I have a server in production and I am receiving this error:

525 Origin SSL Handshake Error

Please I need help as soon as possible because all my users are not receiving the data in a good way. I have a plan with many request and I donโ€™t know what to do

Please help

It seems like our server is not working all the metrics are in zero

what is the server url?


problem should be fixed for now

Yes thanks, I will wirte to you if there is another issue. Thanks a lot

Ok, the thing is that the response of the server is being very low

what you mean by that?

Sorry, is in our side, thanks for your answer. Now is working fine

Hello, how are you?

Please we are receiving 502 Bad Gateway error from our server. Please could you help us with this?

In advance thanks

And sometimes we are receiving 504 timeout error

Someone can help us, we are in production, please

it looks like the problem is fixed now, I guess that you restarted the server

Yes, at the beginning it didnโ€™t work, but after some minutes it worked, thanks

Hello, again we are receiving the same error, how can we avoid this kind of error please, this functions is extremely important to our dapp, please give to us a solution. I already restart again the server but we cannot deppend on this action

We have a server update that we hope to fix this problem, the server update is not yet in production.

Ok, thanks, with the restart process all is good

you can update the server to latest version now, it should work better