Wyvern Exchange on Etherscan

Hello, Iā€™m trying to understand the write portion of the contract on etherscan, I am somewhat new to solidity and have very little understanding of what to fill out in the write portion on etherscan. Is there possibly some sort of guide on how to fill it out that moralis provides? If not would getting an api from moralis ber helpful?

Iā€™m not sure what you want to do, can you give an example?

just need to know what to fill out here in all of these drop downs, is there some sort of guide that moralis provides when it comes to filling out the wyvern exchange on etherscan?

you will have to understand the contract, you can look in its source code, and you could also look at other transactions for that particular function

that data is dependent on every function from there, it is not something general

you write there the parameters for a specific function from that smart contract

ok thanks, like i said im kind of new to solidity so ill have to learn some of it because alot of solidity to me looks very cryptic.