Wrong timestamps returned for blocks

For all reuqests listed below Moralis returns inaccurate block timestamps.
2022-01-06T17:07:00.000Z instead of 2022-01-06T05:07:00.000Z:


2022-01-06T17:07:14.000Z instead of 2022-01-06T05:07:14.000Z:


2022-01-06T12:07:16.000Z instead of 2022-01-06T05:07:16.000Z:


Please fix it (for all blocks, not only these).

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for first case:
(Jan-06-2022 05:07:14 PM +UTC) that should be same thing as 2022-01-06T17:07:00.000

isn’t this as expected?

True, sorry, don’t look at first two cases then. The third one still has problems though

yes, that looks like a valid example that we have to fix, thanks for reporting