Wrong Information for nft/contract_address


Why am I getting zero as total for contract_address=“0x3A2096754Df385553C4252E5A82DC862e64169Bb” . I was using /nft/{contract_address} .It’s working fine for rest only this contract address it is showing zero

0x3A2096754Df385553C4252E5A82DC862e64169Bb this address is an erc-20 contract address no NFT contract.


But this contract address is listed on OpenSea

that contract doesn’t implement the interfaces specific to ERC721, that is why we don’t recognise as an ERC721 contract

It looks like it is a contract that doesn’t follow the standards

Can I please get information in depth more specifically. I’m interested to know what’s happening

The interface for erc721 is not implemented on that contract

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In python, I get that info like this:

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Weird on why opeansea and etherscan are showing different ercs

It looks like etherscan doesn’t recognise it properly as an ERC721 contract either, for example it doesn’t show the transactions/transfers for this token id 6858: