Wrapped ETH transactions not showing up

Hi All,

I am pulling transaction data for different collections and I am noticing that the “value” field is only populating when the transaction involves ETH and not WETH or anything else. Is there a way around this? I would like to record transactions in both.


You could probably do a look up of the transaction hash using getTransaction and get the wETH data involved that way.

Can you give an example of a transaction you’re using?

I am using /nft/{address}/transfers. I am trying to grab the last 100 transaction prices for a collection and since WETH is not appearing for the “value” field, I am missing data. I will try the getTransaction function but not sure if that will be efficient to go individually by hash.


on what chain are you trying?

Im trying on Ethereum

ok, I misunderstood initially, I thought that it could be related to an issue that we have with BSC now

wETH will naturally not appear in the value field for transactions, so I’m not sure there’s an alternative.

If the collection prices are set or if they’re sold in a marketplace e.g. OpenSea you could pull this data from them instead.

Okay thank you for your help!