Will it be possible to install transactions filter on contracts?

Would be great to be able to use your full nodes for filtering for transactions (internal and direct transactions)?

Will this be a feature or will it only be contract event synching?


you can watch a contract address now, and it will sync all the transactions for that contract address, but it may not include the internal transactions

Interesting, gonna check it out. Thanks. Is it possible to provide the ABI for it or do I have to decode the transaction data ?


you will have only minimal information about the transaction synced in your Moralis Server db when using watch address, not all the events

Do you offer services to access your full nodes to query for internal transaction offline from the database services in the dashboard?

I don’t think that we are handling internal transactions now in general. We have full archive speedy nodes but I don’t know if you can get the information about internal transactions now by making requests directly to nodes.