Why server returns empty array of nfts?

I would like to get nfts of current user ( loggined by metamask )

*Higher i added id and server url so this part is ok

does the current user have NFTs? if you don’t specify the chain it will consider eth by default.

Yep ( 3eth and 1 polygon )

ok, I’m going to need more info, like the address that has the NFTs and what NFTs are missing

0x0e97fafc7b7991c38fe57e2b4e1b97b4a5cc0a0d - opensea id of current user ( my account which contains 3 nfts )

Tokenframe shows all nfts correctly so I am confused

Hey @Vanya_1

Try to specify address manually like this:

Moralis.Web3API.getNFTs({params: {address: "0x...1"}})


Moralis.Web3API.account.getNFTs({address: "0x...1"})

Also I call the function which should get nfts of logged user here - -

I see, yes usually it detects current user’s walletAddress automatically, but now this feature may not work correctly

The syntax would be like this:

x = await Moralis.Web3API.account.getNFTs({address: '0x0e97fafc7b7991c38fe57e2b4e1b97b4a5cc0a0d', chain: 'matic'})

I looked at opensea and it looks like all those 4 NFTs are lazy minted NFTs and we don’t have a way to show lazy minted NFTs because those NFTs are only in an internal database on open sea.


sorry, didn’t notice that you are using vanilla Js Moralis and not react-moralis :sweat_smile:

Thnks ( but still returns an empty array ) so I don’t have a way to get nfts from the account?

those 4 NFTs are not really on your account on chain, are only on opensea

It’s okay )

Thanks a lot

Okey understoud but why this nfts not available ?
and i have one nft which created not “lazy” using eht on ploygon and i cant see it too?

what is that example on polygon that is not lazy minted?

this one seems to be lazy minted as the metadata is editable:

Contract Address 0x2953...4963
Token ID 6600906030443945...
Token Standard ERC-1155
Blockchain Polygon
Metadata Editable

https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963/6600906030443945855572790356357077105985355414467311478124439087743454150657 this one )

It looks like it is the same that I pasted above, can you point me to the transaction on chain that minted that NFT?