Why moralis web3 login require Sign after Approve

Hi, when I clicked login with Moralis template, my metamask pops up twice, the first time is to Approve (seems like to approve to read-only), then follow with a Sign moralis…abcdefg%^~| With a lot of unknown codes.

I am wondering why it needs to Sign something? I as a user feel uncomfortable signing something which I don’t understand and have no explanation why it needs the signature for…

Please help me to understand or is there a way to modify the Sign? Or add description at least?

When the user signs the message it’s sent to Moralis for verification and moralis sets up a User row in your database if the signature is correct. and the code after the sign message is related to some id that is stored in database.

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Why a signature is used is explained here.

You can also change the message.

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