Why isnt my NFT reflecting in testnets.opensea.io?

Having followed the tutorial at How to Create Own NFT (Using Moralis), I have been able to make everything work apart from making my uploaded NFT reflect in the https://testnets.opensea.io/ page.

Kindly let me know where I am going wrong?
Following are the various steps I took towards making this work…

  1. I cloned the git repository at: https://github.com/DanielMoralisSamples/19_MINTNFT

  2. I pasted the nft_base.sol file that came with the clone in Remix
    The Deploy & Run Transactions details are:
    Injected Web3
    Ropsten 3 Network.

    When I click on deploy, Metamask pops up. I can see the Ropsten Test Network
    on the top-right corner in metamask.
    I click the Confirm button at the bottom right corner.
    I see confirmation of the contract successfully
    deployed at https://ropsten.etherscan.io/ as illustrated below:

  3. I run the app via the index.html file, and I am able to successfully login using the
    Connect Metamask button, & fill in the neccsarry details as seen below:

    Successfully Upload and Mint as illustrated below:

  4. I see a confirmation at https://ropsten.etherscan.io/ as seen below:

  5. I am then able to sign into testnets.opensea.io as you can see:

    However, when logged in, I am NOT able to view my uploaded NFT.

Kindly tell me where I am going wrong?
How do get my uploaded NFT to reflect in the testnets.opensea.io?

I have read through the documentation at: https://moralis.io/how-to-create-nfts-and-upload-to-opensea/
Perhaps am missing something.

Looking forward to your help!

you may need to use rinkeby instead of ropsten for nfts

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Oh thanks @cryptokid that did the trick!

This should be added to the documents @ https://moralis.io/how-to-create-nfts-and-upload-to-opensea/