Why is Polygon running so slowly when using Moralis?

I am selecting a gas fee that is twice the minimum required, so that is not causing the problem.

I just submitted a simple Polygon transaction using web3 and Moralis, and it took 14 blocks before the transaction was posted.

These lags makes it impossible to use Polymarket, since the prices for sport events change enormously in 30 seconds.

What is causing this problem?

You can use any other RPC node to send the transaction to see if will be faster.

if you are on mumbai, there is a weird slow network for mumbai general (not only moralis), but you can try other rpc endpoint like @cryptokid said and see if they are faster

hello, im having the same issue but with looking up a polygon NFT with contract address. Endpoint i used is GetAllTokenIds,


it even loads super slow in the Moralis Web3 API web portal.