Why doesnt login() function not fire up MetaMask on my phone?

Following your Simple-Dapp-in-3-mins-login-part tutorial, I am able to quickly fire up my MetaMask app whenever I click on the login() button.

However, via my phone browser, clicking the same login() button doesn’t fire up my MetaMask app. Why is this?

For that you should use walletConnect https://docs.moralis.io/moralis-dapp/users/web3-login/walletconnect?q=Connect+wallet here the doc.


yepp metamask is a browser plugin, but not for mobile browser, you can try metamask in-app browser to access it. Otherwise, it’s recommended to use WC as metamask mobile is WC-compatible

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What does the WC in WC-compatible stand for?

It stands for WalletConnect.