Whitelist via the MongoDB or similar and a hook/check?

I was thinking, there are a lot of functions to check users and other such details.
If there was a way we could add a list of addresses into the DB manually, say submit an array of addresses or a txt file or CSV etc, and use these as a whitelist for NFTs or ERC20s or anything else, that would be super.

The current problem with trying to do a whitelist with Solidity is the expense of adding addresses to a contract.

And other solutions, such as Merkle Trees, are difficult to set up and integrate.

And the current problem with some kind of Moralis solution is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to add then check a list of addresses. You can record people’s addresses when they connect but for a real whitelist, the admin needs to be charge of who is added. If there was a button to connect = join whitelist then every man and his dog would click it. It needs to be manual addition of addresses I think, but checking those against who is connected, via a Moralis hook.

Since you have such great functions for connecting wallets and ability to mint, and also considering the boilerplate, a whitelist function would also be really useful to many people.

Interested in your thoughts. :slight_smile: