Where is Speedy Node's page?

Hello, I would like to go to the Speedy Nodes settings page, how do I get there? I can’t find the URL.

it was removed from the admin interface, we discontinued speedy nodes for free plans 2 days ago

I have been using Speedy Nodes since its inception. So, I’m a little shocked but it can’t be helped.
Thank you for all.

For another node provider, you can use Chainstack.

Wait when will they dissapear ? My company uses speedy nodes for their main site (they have a paid plan). When will they stop working ? And what is the alternative

For pro plans, speedy nodes will stop working on the 1st of September. You can use another provider like Chainstack.

what do you mean for pro plans ? will any plans still keep them ?

For paid or pro plans on this page. They will discontinued for every user. But it is very easy to switch to using another node provider (by changing the URLs in your code).