Where did Moralis.getWeb3Provider gone?

In moralis in the typescript type definition there is a function “Moralis.getWeb3Provider”, it used to give the web3Provider (or throw error if not enabled) without having to call “enable web 3”, the type is still there, but when trying to call it I get the following error.

I want to check if the wallet/account (not user) is connected, without triggering the metamask window, how do I do it now?

You probably have to use enableWeb3 now; there is no mention of getWeb3Provider in the docs.

there is in the code… the issue is “enableWeb3” does popup metamask, which is what I want to avoid, at lease for people visiting the dapp for the first time

How are you running it? You can run it through a login button or run it if the user has previously connected but didn’t log out e.g. with localStorage.