Where and How can I set rate limit?

Hi @cryptokid, @qudusayo and Moralis team,

Sorry to have too many question for moralis.

I am getting rate limit error 141 while using moralis on react.
So, I tried to change rate limit in app.js as your documentation.
anonymous:100, authenticated:100, windowMs:60000

But, it returns Moralis.settings is undefined.

How can I fix this issue?

Best regards,

you have to add that code in cloud code, in your moralis server in admin interface


You mean cloud function?

yes, there, in that cloud functions place

I tried it as the screenshots.
but, I canโ€™t see anything in folder.

Whatโ€™s wrong?
I installed moralis admin cli already.

what do you want to see in folder, that is all you have to do, to add those 3 lines there in cloud functions

the other info is if you want to sync something from your local folder, you donโ€™t have to do that now, unless you really want to do it

if so, what do you mean cloud-file and folder in admin cli?

admin cli is a tool that you install (that moralis-admin-cli), and after that you can use it to sync a local folder or a local file to the code that is present there in cloud code/functions on server