When is NFT Resync actually initiated?

My understanding is that when an NFT is queried via API and uses IPFS then it is added to the queue for resync’ing.

We have not seen this happen.

This contract 0xa1113cf12dafe3471a4e7f281683dc98d4b1ca6e for instance has a number of NFTs with old token_uri (IPFS) and null metadata. We request them almost daily and they never update automatically.

Manually updating the URI and then Metadata seems to work but I thought this should be occurring as a result of requesting them.

If you’re referring to this, which NFT API endpoint(s) are you using?

For that contract, it could be because they only use a hash without ipfs:// or an IPFS gateway like https://ipfs.io/ipfs/.

If you have another contract example, you can post that address and chain.

That’s not what I see on Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/address/0xa1113cf12dafe3471a4e7f281683dc98d4b1ca6e#readProxyContract

token_uri (Token 836)
string : ipfs://Qma5KfJBrAo4gAUdrpgRfrcXEErDBe7dcgCKodC8VBj1nH/836/token.json

That should be fine then - I resynced that token and now it’s including a gateway.

I don’t think the automatic updating is working right now - you will need to keep manually resyncing with reSyncMetadata.

“I don’t think the automatic updating is working right now”

Like, not working on Moralis end? Any idea how long?

Also, is there any chance we get a resync endpoint per collection? Per token is prohibitive given the cost of the call.

Do you still have examples that doesn’t work now?